Ciolini Packaging

Ciolini Packaging is an industrial enterprise that designs and builds packaging systems, relying on its vast experience gained over more than 30 years of operations; its areas of interest are FOOD and NON-FOOD.

The group of systems that comprise Ciolini Packaging's production offers an innovative and effective response for solving the problems of an ever more competitive market undergoing continuous change: the end-of-line packaging market.

Case Packing Systems

Packing of packages arranged vertically in American-type carton boxes or a display unit with cover


Cartoning machine with a single inlet for packing by means of a 2- axis handling device for square bottom bags, double square-bottom bags, and similar types of packing, arranged vertically in a single line or multiple lines in American-type carton boxes or display unit with cover, closed with adhesive tape and/or hot-melt glue.

Machine equipped with automatic discard system of the layer of packages if the handling device does not pick up properly, self-adjustment by means of a touch screen operator interface, teleservice modem for remote assistance.

Shrink-wrap Packaging Systems

Formation of open-ended bundles by means of a double roll of shrink-wrap film


Shrink-wrapping machine with single inlet for bundling of packages of long pasta in pillow bags and cases, with formation of open-ended bundles by means of a double roll of shrink-wrap film.

Arrangement of the bundles in a progressive layer on moving tray tables with central pneumatic system for transfer to the bundling station.

Palletizing Systems

Palletizing with single-line Cartesian system for boxes, bags, and bundles


3-Cartesian-axis palletizer with rotating head for handling boxes, bags, and bundles, and with a pickup and placement system employing a pneumatic gripper, suction plate or suction cups, and rake gripper. Single-line machine with automatic storage for selecting the empty pallets with a capacity of up to 20 pallets, 800x1200mm and 1000x1200mm pallet moving rollers. Maximum height of pallets 2150 mm.

Output: 10 boxes per minute Systems for moving and handling carton boxes located upstream and downstream from the machine, possibility of housing pallet wrappers outside or inside the machine itself, interlayer placing system included.

Dedicated software for dynamic creation of palletizing diagrams with touch screen operator interface, teleservice modem for remote assistance.

Additional systems


Transport and handling systems


We guarantee integrity and safety

Thanks to the reliability of our end-of-line packaging solutions which provides a impeccable secondary packaging, your products will be safe during the whole transportation and will come intact to your final customer.

"Because your products deserve the best treatment"

We are specialized in projecting and manufacturing end-of-line packaging machines, especially in pasta sector but also, thanks to the flexibility of our implants, in several other areas of food industry and no-food industry.

Ciolini Packaging offers a wide range of implants, such as vertical and lateral case packer machines for several types of bag in American cartons and/or display cartons, shrink-wrapping machines in thermo-retractable polyethylene film, cartesian palletizers and anthropomorphic robots for cartons, bundles and bags.

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